Ask the Vet - November 22, 2015

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- In our popular Ask the Vet segment, Dr. Mark Wysocki of Avery Creek Pet Hospital joins Evan Donovan in the WLOS studio to answer your pet questions.

Paulette Cloutier asks on Facebook "Why does my dog steal items from all my neighbors? He comes home with toys, shoes even car mats."

Jessica N Tom ask "Why does my mini dachshund feel the need to roll around on her food before eating it? Her food dish is in the kitchen, yet she grabs a mouth full, brings it into the living room where she drops it on the floor, rolls around on it (with her belly up in the air and feet kicking all over the place) and then flips back over to eat. This is an every day occurrence! Her name is Daisy, but we have started calling her Crazy Daisy!"

Tim Kus asks "I have heard that dogs are colored blind. How can we know this?"

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