Ask the Vet: Dogs that pee when they get too excited, cat shows are really are a thing

Lyndsay Rae's Birman cat Dahlia has special white marks on her face (Photo credit: Lyndsay Rae)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- In this week's edition of Ask the Vet, Dr. Mark Wysocki of Avery Creek Pet Hospital answers some viewer questions about Birman cats, dogs that get too excited and pee when you come home, and cold food that makes a dog vomit.

Lyndsay Rae asked, "Why do some Birmans (a breed of cat) have white marks on their face?"

Carol Muir asked, "Why does my dog throw up everything in his stomach, about 10-20 seconds after having a small piece of cold watermelon, or 1/2 a spoonful of ice cream, or an ice cube?"

And finally, Laurie Brokaw asked, "My dachshund Nutmeg excitapees when my husband and brother-in-law enter the house. Any techniques for dealing with that other than having pee pads everywhere?!"

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Don't forget to include pictures or video of your pets with their names!

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