Ask the Vet: why are cats mean and why do dogs eat their poop?

Mos Annemarie Eriacho's cat is judging you right now (Photo credit: M.A. Eriacho)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- They are two age-old questions for pet owners: why are cats so mean? And why do dogs scavenge in the cat litter?

In this week's Ask the Vet segment, Dr. Mark Wysocki of Avery Creek Pet Hospital does his best to answer them.

Here are this week's viewer-submitted questions:

Linda Schussler writes "Mia, our Pomeranian, is 9 years old. She is losing her hair. The vet did a biopsy, and she was diagnosed with Alopecia X. It's sad to see her losing her beautiful hair. Also, the treatment might be dangerous to her health. They say it won't grow back. Is this true?"

Rachel Tabor asks "Why does my puppy want to eat cat poop out of the litter box? Even eats deer poop when we go out for a walk. Heard about some pills you can give them--do they work?" Tabor's dog is featured in the photo gallery.

The final question is from Mos Annemarie Eriacho's cat, likely with some help typing from her owner: "Why am I so mean when my owner tries to pet me? I scratch and bite."

You can submit your questions for Dr. Wysocki via our Facebook page or you can send an email to with "Ask the Vet" in the subject line. Don't forget to include your pets' names and photos/videos of them!

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