Asheville couple makes WWE history

Beth Copeland and her husband Adam became the first married couple with wedding rings to get WWE Hall of Fame rings. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

It's customary for a husband and wife to have wedding rings, but a local husband and wife recently made history for getting a different kind of ring.

You know the reasons people move to Western North Carolina. They come for the mountains, the music, the art, the food, and everything the area offers. Those things also roped-in Beth Copeland.

"We love it. Like I said, we chose to get married right here in this spot, because it's our favorite place in Asheville," said Beth Copeland, while talking on her back deck.

For several years now, Beth's home has been in Asheville. If you open a door into her life you'll learn, like many, she exercises to relieve stress and for overall wellness.

"I like chest exercises, bench presses and stuff -- old meathead exercises," Copeland laughed.

Exercise used to be a job requirement. Beth took News 13 inside their house and into the basement.

"This room is the only room that we have any wrestling memorabilia," Copeland said.

Some may recognize Beth as Beth Phoenix, a former professional wrestler in the WWE.

Recently, Beth became more than a champion in the wrestling ring.

"I went into the next room and told my husband, 'They just called me and invited me into the WWE Hall of Fame.' He was just so supportive. I said, 'Do I deserve this'," Copeland questioned.

"I wasn't surprised when I heard she would be. She was, but I wasn't," Adam Copeland, Beth's husband, said

At 36, Beth became the youngest WWE Hall of Fame inductee ever. When she stood on the stage at the induction, the Copelands made history together.

"It's not just one wrestler in the relationship. He was a wrestler, as well," Beth explained.

Adam wrestled in the WWE as Edge. He won 31 total titles.

"We are the first WWE Hall of Fame married couple, if I said that correctly," Beth said.

They realized it from a Twitter follower. Adam went into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. This year, they became the first married couple with wedding rings to get Hall of Fame rings.

"I mean who sets out to do that? You don't. I guess it just happens," said Adam.

The Copeland's have a baby and a toddler, but they provide for more than their children. They helped start Eblen Charities' Headlock on Hunger. Beth is the non-profit's national Vice Chair and Adam is a board member. The organization has provided more than 500,000 meals to children in need.

"It spoke to us before we had kids, but specifically after we had kids. Just to think of any child being hungry that, especially in this country, shouldn't be the case," Adam said.

"We feel very strongly in trying to combat that the best way we can. Even on any level, just starting small," Beth said.

After climbing to the top of the wrestling mountain, she still felt happy to return to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"It was exciting and fun, and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but we sure were happy when the wheels landed in Asheville to be home," Copeland said.

Beth plans to attend grad school at Western Carolina University in the fall. She wants to become a licensed professional counselor to help athletes.

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