Proud father pitches story about his son, the graduate

Hector Rubianes stopped by WLOS/WMYA on Thursday to pitch a story about this son. In the process, the root of the story was revealed -- a father's pride. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Sometimes, interesting stories just walk into the door at News 13. On Thursday, a loving dad came by the studio just to talk about his son, the graduate.

In the process, the root of the story was revealed -- a father's pride.

The moment with father Hector Rubianes was captured live on Facebook.

"So, every once in awhile folks come into our lobby with story ideas," News 13's John Le commented during the live feed, talking with Hector. "This man walks into the lobby with a regalia of all the things his son has accomplished."

Hector's son Mark was one of 258 graduates at Blue Ridge Community College, but to Hector, he's one in a million.

"He got a degree of Associates in Science," he said.

His son earned the academic excellence award, which is given to just 58 students statewide.

"Incidentally, he was the only one who got it at Blue Ridge," Hector said.

Mark's also a Cooke undergraduate transfer scholar who's headed to NC State. He plans to go into computer engineering according to this father.

A congratulatory letter from Congressman Mark Meadows completed the show and tell.

Then Hector got his son on the phone.

"You've been encouraging of everything I've done," Mark told his father on the phone, despite being caught off guard by the call. "And have always wanted to support me and help me achieve what I want to do, and for that I'm grateful."

What was supposed to be Mark's moment was really a reflection of his dad.

"Thank you son I appreciate all that," Hector told his son.

After the live stream, he packed up his son's accolades. Secret mission accomplished.

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