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Chrissy G Foundation

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:16 PM EDT
News 13 continues our challenge to help give back.

Our morning anchors are spotlighting three local charities every month.

One airs each Monday morning, and after the third week, we open up the voting to our viewers.   

You will go to the WLOS Facebook page to vote for the charity you think deserves to win $1000 from our partner, Bryan Easler Toyota.

Last week we told you about Full Moon Farm, the sanctuary near Black Mountain offers life-long homes to wolf-dogs who might otherwise be euthanized in shelters.  Click here to watch their story.

This week we are spotlighting Chrissy G Foundation, which gives pets with a cancer diagnosis a second chance.

7 year old husky mix, Rocket, and dog mom Michelle Elfers recently got a shocking diagnosis, Rocket had cancer.

"It had traveled through his nose into his lymphnode."

Michelle didn't know what to do, "I went around the corner and just started crying… I had a lot of dogs but never been faced with cancer before."

Michelle's vet suggested she call the Chrissy G Foundation.

The Chrissy G Foundations helps pet owners face cancer through financial and emotional assistance.

Rachel Harrill, Chrissy G Foundation founder, "they hear that… cancer and they think automatic death sentence but it's not.  There is help and treatments just like people."

Chrissy G died of leukemia several years ago.

Her best friend Rachel Harrill founded the group to help keep her memory alive.

Rachel, "she was a tremendous animal lover. She would stop on the side of the road if anyone needed help.  Whether they wanted help or not she would help."

The foundation has a board that reviews pet cancer cases to decide which ones have the best treatment options.

Michelle, "because of his age and because they think it is contained and it has not gone through his body, they feel he has a very good chance."

If the Chrissy G Foundation takes home the thousand dollar prize they hope to give many more second chances.

Rachel, "not do just bits and pieces of treatment but maybe do a full blood work and chemo and everything."

Michelle says she doesn't know where her or Rocket would be today without the full support of Chrissy G, "we might have had to just do palliative care and treat his symptoms… and keep him comfortable… this way we have an opportunity to save his life and that's cool."

To find out more about the Chrissy G Foundation click here.

Next Monday, we will spotlight the final charity in this month's challenge.

To nominate a charity for our News 13 Charity Challenge, just click here.Chrissy G Foundation

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