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Give to the Music

Updated: Monday, August 5 2013, 11:27 AM EDT
News 13 continues our challenge to help give back.

Our morning anchors are spotlighting three local charities every month.

One airs each Monday morning, and after the third week, we open up the voting to our viewers.   

You will go to the WLOS Facebook page to vote for which charity you think deserves to win $1,000 from our partner, Bryan Easler Toyota.

We start this month with Give to the Music in Asheville, which strives to help children reach their musical dreams.

Many of these musically inclined kids would never be on stage, much less have an instrument in hand, without the non-profit organization give to the music.

Anne Coombs, Give to the Music director, "I just love hooking up children to music... Jazz, pop, classical and rock."

Ma-rita Alexander, "they reach kids who feel they may not have anything to give and give them an outlet they wouldn't normally have."

Anne Coombs, "the key is to bring that passion of music into a child's life that might no otherwise be able to afford it or attain it."

Providing instruments and music lessons is only the start.

Haylie Fehl, 13, "it's given me a wonderful opportunity to really just be myself and experience music and meet wonderful people and have so many opportunities to play."

Anne, "I think we save a lot of kids from going down the wrong path. I think music can save a child... Keeps them positive, gives them self confidence in life."

No one knows that more than volunteer coordinator Ma-rita Alexander whose son, Dexter, has been part of the program for years.

Ma-rita Alexander, "when he is playing, he is awesome, he embodies something... I don't know what it is... But he is a changed person, especially when there is a show."

Winning the Charity Challenge could change other lives, too.

Anne Coombs, "a thousand dollars could potentially buy ten guitars for kids."

Putting more music enthusiasts in the spotlight, regardless of their economic backgrounds.

To find out more about Give to the Music, click here.

Next Monday, we will spotlight another charity in this month's challenge.

Click here to nominate a charity. Give to the Music

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