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Irene Wortham Center

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:16 PM EDT
News 13 continues our challenge to help give back.

Our morning anchors are spotlighting three local charities every month, one airs each Monday morning.

After the third week, we open up the voting to our viewers.   

You will go to the WLOS Facebook page to vote for which charity you think deserves to win a $1,000 from our partner, Bryan Easler Toyota.

We start this month with the "Irene Wortham Center" in Asheville.

For more than 50 years, the center prides itself on helping children and adults with developmental or socio-econmic challenges lead healthy, happy and independent lives.

There are lots of smiles on a daily basis at the Irene Wortham Center in Asheville, both children and adults rely on staff to help manage their disabilities.

Glenda Weinert, board member, "the Irene Wortham Center provides lots of services from residential treatment centers to child care for our community for kids who need inclusion and are disabled in some way."

Children get physical therapy, get to spend time outdoors on the playground, and even more., "we provide them with education as well as a safe nurturing environment.  Three meals a day and all the love they can get."

Love that continues into adulthood.

Irene Wortham helps some find jobs with local employers.

The center also offers an adult day program with activities and opportunity to interact with others.

Clients enjoy this sensor therapy room with balls and lights, all things, if Irene Wortham won the Charity Challenge, could be bought with the $1,000 prize.

Money that would likely be split with the kids.

"We would provide additional services and care for children in our child care center. It provides equipment, services it provides opportunities to enhance their care because we are a five star center."

Kathy Isaacs, assistant director, "therapy equipment, toys for the children, art materials materials for adult day program.  In today's economy we could make it stretch very well.  A thousand dollars would be awesome."

Every dollar making a difference, just like the staff does day to day.

To find out more about the "Irene Wortham Center", click here.

Next Monday, we will spotlight another charity in this month's challenge.

Be sure to tune in and see which non-profit you think is most deserving of the $1,000 prize.

To nominate a non-profit organization for our Charity Challenge, click here. Irene Wortham Center

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