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Start From Seed

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:16 PM EDT
"Start From Seed," a non-profit that provides birth services in Buncombe County.

We all know that life is precious, and babies are certainly cute.

With the help of Asheville non-profit "Start From Seed", many new mothers feel a bit more confident and safe.

Lesley Penland, "'Start From Seed' helped me a lot because me being a first time mom I did not know anything about labor or what was going to happen."

The unique doula program offers services to women before, during and after birth.

Irene Butera, doula, "a doula is someone who provides uninterrupted support to a woman in labor.  They provide emotional support and physical support.  Comfort measures to help alleviate pain and things like that."

The charity is in its' infancy as well, only 14 months old, but growing strong.

Chelsea Kouns, founder and director, "we saw gaps as far as access to doula's for women of lower income and that were having maybe high risk pregnancies...  History of abuse, trauma, teen pregnancies, single mothers any type of medical issues."

"Start From Seed" strictly works on a referral basis with 13 community health partners, and many volunteers.

"Everyone needs that person in your corner when you're going through labor because it's hard, it's not easy.  Just making sure there's someone looking out for you."

The founder says they have never received funding, and a thousand dollar prize would go a long way.

"We would love to buy supplies for our clients birth balls, water bottles, just very basic things people think would be easy to have, but for our clients, it's not."

"Some of our clients have no one.  They don't have a partner, they don't have family and if wasn't for start from seed and our doula they would be in that delivery room by themselves."

Women supporting women in the community, now hoping for a little support themselves.

There is a benefit screening of "Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & the Farm Midwives", with a panel discussion after the film, this Saturday, April 6th, from 5:30pm till 9:30pm, at Ferguson Auditorium on AB Tech's campus

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