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The Rutherford Housing Partnership

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:16 PM EDT
News 13 has an exciting new challenge to help give back.

Our morning anchors are spotlighting three local charities every month.

One will air each Monday morning, and after the third week, we open up the voting to our viewers.   

You will be able to go to the WLOS Facebook page and vote for which charity you think deserves to win $1,000 dollars from our partner, Bryan Easler Toyota.

This week we are spotlighting "The Rutherford Housing Partnership."

It is a group that changes lives with a hammer and nails.

Volunteers from The Rutherford Housing Partnership repair Melvina Melton's home.   

Melvina Melton, recipient, "they are just super and they work so hard.  I can't imagine these people giving their time so freely. It's fantastic."

The group helps seniors on a fixed income who don't have money to do home repairs.

They fix everything from roofs to furnaces, and are always looking for skilled laborers who can do more specific jobs like plumbing.

The partnership is making a big impact in some hard times.

"We often run into situations where it is a multi generational family and the house needs some repairs and no body has the extra money at the end of the month to get that kind of work done."

So what would the non-profit do with the money if it wins?

"$1,000 dollars will buy one handicapped ramp maybe two. It would buy half of the shingles for a roof.  We would use it to buy materials to keep doing what we are doing."

Melvina knows first hand just what kind of impact The Rutherford Housing Partnership makes, not just for herself, but her friends as well.

"She said without that she would never have... Because her husband had just recently passed away from cancer, so she said without that she couldn't have survived."

The Rutherford Housing Partnership depends on volunteers and donations.

To find out more about The Rutherford Housing Partnership, click here.

Next Monday, we will spotlight the final charity in this month's challenge.

Be sure to tune in and see which non-profit you think is most deserving of the $1,000 dollar prize.

Click here to nominate your charity or vote on your favoriteThe Rutherford Housing Partnership

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