Bailey Mountain Cloggers

Bailey Mountain Cloggers

The Bailey Mountain Cloggers were organized in 1974 by students at Mars Hill College. The Bailey Mountain name is derived from the mountain adjacent to the college campus. The students who comprise the dance company, 25+ from 9 different states, come from various dance traditions, representing a number of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Each student clogger becomes a unique part of the Bailey Mountain tradition, blending the old with the new into a larger mosaic for the future. Each year this long championship tradition recreates itself anew, and showcases its traditional and contemporary dance routines in an annual clogging concert each spring. These students serve as ambassadors of goodwill for the university and the folk dance traditions of the Southern Mountains. The Bailey Mountain Cloggers Folk Dance Company has established a national and international reputation for American clog dance excellence.

They have traveled around the globe to Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Greece, England, Czech Republic, and Poland to share their folk dance and music traditions of the Southern Appalachian mountains.

Many of our graduates own their own dance companies, work at Performance shows such as Hatfield and McCoy in Gaitlinburg TN, and the Grand Old Opry. Several of our graduates also dance with a group called “All That” that has been televised on several shows and they currently perform at the Opry in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Currently, our group performs about 30 times throughout the year for local festivals, shows, elementary schools, churches, and benefits. The Bailey Mountain Cloggers also compete around the Nation and recently received their 23rd National Championship title. Our largest performance and fundraiser is held in the spring where we host an annual concert and invite the entire local and expanded community to view a new show each year. We also host an annual summer camp that brings over 100 children to the campus. We teach these students all styles of dance and they perform a small show of everything they learned throughout the week for family and friends at the end of the camp.

See them on our main stage at 2:00 pm!