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LiveWell: Ingrid Allstaedt

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 03:34 PM EST

"Just Run," is what my license plate said on the back of my high school car. Two words that meant so much to me then and explain why I live well now.

The worn red track is showing through again, the white blanket of snow is finally melting off. It's just enough for high schoolers to log some miles. A day off from school, never means a day off from running. A decade ago, the white lines on the track weren't quite as faded as when I was doing laps as a Brevard High School runner.

"Great memories," says head cross country coach Jackie Witherspoon. "Memories that I hope will be made again on this track. Because, since your time here we have not had a distance program that's been that successful."

Christmas break, spring break or summer break aren't quite breaks when you're fighting for another state title. During my tenure at Brevard High School, our 4x800 team won three state championships and set a new state record. One year, the team scored championship rings when our cross country team took first at state. It's these winning moments that set me on a healthy track in life. And that track paid off, with a running scholarship to UNC-Asheville.

For me, living well started on tracks and dirt trails, with timed intervals and the fight to set new personal records.

 "We're not just coaching or instructing young people how to run," says head track coach Bill Baldwin. "We're teaching them how to be on time. We're teaching people how being physical activity is how you control your demons, really."

Running builds confidence, accountability, and the desire to stay healthy for life. So in the dead of winter, it's these warm memories that keep me moving and living well today.

News 13 is challenging all of our viewers to take the pledge to LiveWell in 2014. Just click here
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News 13 for the LiveWell Expo presented by Asheville Savings Bank and
Ingles Markets, March 29th at the WNC Agricultural Center. News 13
personalities will be there, along with entertainment, booths and
information to help you LiveWell! It's free and open to the public.

to see you there!

LiveWell: Ingrid Allstaedt

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