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LiveWell: Jay Siltzer

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 03:40 PM EST
Here at News 13, we are gearing up for a big health initiative. The News 13 LiveWell Expo is coming up this March so to prepare, we're talking about what "living well" means to us!

For News 13's Jay Siltzer, it means staying on the move and sharing that active lifestyle with his son.

Taking part in frequent 5-K runs with his 6-year-old son Malachi is a big part of how the Siltzers Live Well.

Jay, "in our two years of moving side by side, the hilly Frostbite Run in Fletcher is the most challenging we've tackled."

Dr. Brian Seng, Southeastern Sports Medicine, "if you're going to run a race like this, you have to do things to be ready to run the race."

Graham Seng, runner, "you have to train a lot and run outside."

Dr. Seng, "these days with kids being inside a lot playing video games to have them outside where they are actually running races and being outside playing, using up energy, helps with their overall health and keeping them in shape."

For Jay, running helps keep his weight down. For Malachi, it's often the thrill of the journey and dodging obstacles.

Physicians say kids don't need to train as much as adults. They have more energy and should work toward conserving it for distance. With that, they'll gradually get faster. LiveWell: Jay Siltzer

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