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LiveWell: Lauren Brigman

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 03:32 PM EST
News 13 is getting ready for a big health initiative. As we lead up to the LiveWell Expo this March, we're talking about what that means to us and encouraging you to live well.

We all struggle with holding ourselves accountable when it comes to new year resolutions, whether it's eating healthier or exercising more. News 13's Lauren Brigman shares ways to make maintaining your goals a bit easier.

Lauren begins her day at 3 a.m., so her schedule is early to bed and early to rise. Like most people, she loves coffee and during her morning routine she incorporates coffee and a healthy snack.

The resolution to eat healthier is a lot easier when you plan ahead. For example, arriving to work each day with her lunchbox packed with healthy breakfast items is what works for Lauren. Some of her favorites are oatmeal, almonds and fruit. By already having these items on hand, you can avoid vending machines and fast-food restaurants.

Getting more exercise is at the top of most people's resolution list. Attending exercise classes like kickboxing, cardio-step, and zumba can make exercise fun, not a chore. Having a support group also makes it easier to put on your workout gear and head to the gym.

Lauren's fitness instructor, April Worley Norton, motivates her and serves as part of Lauren's support group. April says, "you gain a healthier lifestyle. Working out gives you a healthier lifestyle in many different ways. It teaches you to keep yourself accountable and make your body fit, because you want to live a long time for your family and those who care about you."

To keep herself accountable, Lauren incorporates technology. She keeps track of meals and exercise by using the app, "My Fitness Pal." It allows you to track your calorie intake and exercise benefits while setting goals for yourself.

April says it's important to "listen to your body, no one can tell your body what to do but you, and it doesn't care which way you're moving as long as you're moving. So make sure you set your goals attainable, so they work for yourself."

Whether you've made a resolution to eat healthier, get more exercise, or keep yourself accountable, setting a reasonable goal and having a support group from others will help you to live well.

Lauren says, of course she has a sweet tooth and enjoys the occasional chocolate treat. It's also important not to deprive yourself, just maintain portion control.
News 13 is challenging all of our viewers to take the pledge to LiveWell in 2014. Just click here to sign the pledge. We also invite you to send us your photos of what living well looks like to you, things like food or exercise. For more on the expo, click here.

You can keep up to date with Lauren on her Facebook page, just click here.

To follow her on Twitter, click here.

Join News 13 for the LiveWell Expo presented by Asheville Savings Bank and Ingles Markets, March 29th at the WNC Agricultural Center. News 13 personalities will be there, along with entertainment, booths and information to help you LiveWell! It's free and open to the public. Hope to see you there!LiveWell: Lauren Brigman

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