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LiveWell: Stan Pamfilis

Updated: Wednesday, March 19 2014, 09:01 AM EDT
Over the next few months, here at News 13, we'll be talking about what good health means to us and encouraging you to "live well."

Stan Pamfilis gives a look at what he's doing in 2014.

To make sure Stan lives well, he gets his yearly physical. Good results, but there are things to work on. Stan wants to lose some weight, so he starts with a nutritionist.

Sandy Buchanan of Asheville Family Health Center talks about diet, but not really dieting. Sandy believes there is a negative attached to the concept. And there are things you can do to be positive in you approach. She says slowing down while eating will go a long way to slimming down.

“I gives you an opportunity to let your body know when you've had enough. It lets your mind to be pleased and to have satisfaction and you will have a natural sign when enough is enough," said Buchanan.

And of course, common sense tells you that what you put in your system is important to dropping the weight.

“For a lot of people its to eat a lot more vegetables and the green and the red and yellow and fill half your plate with vegetables, that you can do anywhere. Do that at a restaurant," said Buchanan.

Nutrition is one part of living well. Another important aspect is exercise. For that, Stan goes to personal trainer.

“You have to kind of make your body move. You've got to get it moving in different planes of motion and of course building muscle helps you burn fat. It's good for your bone health, heart health,” said Keith Wimsett of One On One Health and Fitness.

For Stan, six knee surgeries, stenosis and sciatica issues as well as getting older makes it a little tougher. But Stan says Keith won't let that stop him from getting a good workout.

“A lot of it is to keep you moving throughout  the workout, really getting heart rate up, burning lots of calories. We have to challenge the muscles. We can challenge and keep you moving outside of that,” said Wimsett.

News 13 is challenging all of our viewers to take the pledge to LiveWell in 2014. Just click here
to sign the pledge. We also invite you to send us your photos of what
living well looks like to you, things like food or exercise. For more on
the expo, click here.

You can keep up to date with Stan on his Facebook page, just click here.

News 13 for the LiveWell Expo presented by Asheville Savings Bank and
Ingles Markets, March 29th at the WNC Agricultural Center. News 13
personalities will be there, along with entertainment, booths and
information to help you LiveWell! It's free and open to the public.

to see you there!LiveWell: Stan Pamfilis

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