Ask 13: Viewer wants wants to know about the vacant parking lot in Biltmore Park

Some call it a mystery parking lot, a lot that's empty ... every day

The vacant parking lot in a popular area is puzzling some neighbors. The paved lot on Columbine Road is roped off, and no one's allowed to use it.

That's a concern for some folks living in the Biltmore Park community, where it's sometimes tough to find a spot to park.

"All these parking spaces just sitting there, unavailable for anyone to use! This is very strange," Glen McCandless wrote Ask 13.

"The aging blacktop and blockade, along with the eroding bank -- which is covered with weeds mostly -- is really becoming an eyesore."

McCandless said the lot right behind the YMCA at the corner of Columbine Road has been blocked off and unused for years.

Neighbors have speculated for some time about why, especially with no announcements of any plans for the lot.

We contacted Biltmore Farms to find out what's going on.

Lee Thomason, vice president of commercial and residential development for Biltmore Farms, said the parking lot was used extensively in 2007-09.

"That lot was constructed for temporary parking during the development phase of Biltmore Square," Thomason said.

But as the square began to take shape, with several parking garages, there was no longer any need for the lot.

Thomason said there are no immediate plans for the empty parking lot.

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