Ask 13: Who's responsible for cleaning riverfront park?

A section of an Asheville park is beginning to look unsightly, and that's raising questions about who should be cleaning it up.

The park parallels the Swannanoa River in front of the Beaucatcher Walmart.

"Who is in charge of the park at Walmart on (Swannanoa) River Road in Asheville," Martha Fox wrote Ask 13. "Water enclosed area needs cleaning up."

Trash and other debris litter the area surrounding a retention pond that's fenced inside the park.

The park is called the Swannanoa River Greenway and runs along the river at the edge of the Walmart parking lot. The greenway is a city park. But the city said the pond is the responsibility of the Walmart.

The Walmart manager said it's actually the property owner's responsibility. He said Walmart leases the property. He said trash often blows from the parking lot into the park area and is not usually noticed until the leaves fall off the trees. The store manager plans to contact the property owner and have it cleaned up.

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