Officer Recovering After Shooting Spree

Updated: Wednesday, September 3 2014, 09:57 PM EDT
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A Greenville police officer endured his second surgery Wednesday after being shot three times Monday night by a young man on a shooting spree in Greenville County.

The officer's name and identity are not being released, but police say he is recovering in intensive care.

Deputies released a mug shot of the man they say shot and killed 3 people over a 4-day period before injuring the officer. 23-year-old Evan Bennett's booking photo from 2011 bears no resemblance to the way he looked Monday night. Police said he had cut his hair in a shorter, military-style.

Greenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis and Interim Greenville Police Chief Mike Gambrell held a joint news conference Tuesday with other investigators from both departments, where they detailed the evidence and timeline that led them to believe Bennett was responsible for the murders of Bobby Wood and Rickey Ellison last week.

Both men were found dead outside the Hollingsworth textile plant, where they worked as security guards for many years. Investigators said they believe Bennett was planning to kill them men for weeks, and had made comments to his family that eventually led them to confront Bennett on Monday night.

It was around 9:30 when that confrontation turned deadly, police saying Bennett dressed in tactical gear with gloves and vest before shooting his stepfather twice in the face with a shotgun.

Police released emotional 911 calls from Monday night that News 13 chose not to air out of respect for the family. In one of them, Bennett's mother identifies her son as the killer who shot her husband, 58-year-old Gregory Thomas Jones.

Police say Bennett then went to the Law Enforcement Center on McGee street, shooting out the windows in the front doors around 10:20 p.m. before retreating to the parking lot. A responding officer exchanged gunfire with Bennett there, apparently missing Bennett with his only round fired according to police.

They say Bennett hit the officer three times before turning the gun on himself

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