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3D Printing

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 08:27 AM EST
A leader in innovation is letting you take the lead in
the growing field of 3-D Printing. 

This morning, News 13's Victoria
Dunkle got an up close look at the first publicly available
3-D Printer in Western North Carolina.

The team at Mojo Coworking is making the technology available to
anyone who wants to print an item in a 3 dimensional, plastic version.

Mojo Coworking Owner, Craig McAnsh says 3-D printing accelerates
creativity. He says it allows affordable printing prototypes of designs
and products and on a more basic level, he says it will allow you to
print replacement parts for household items.

It is also becoming a key resource for small businesses allowing people
to make, buy, and sell their own products.

Click here to find out more about the options for 3-D Printing.
3D Printing

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