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Heart Health

Updated: Thursday, February 6 2014, 07:51 AM EST
One single disease is killing more women than any other cause.  But it is not cancer. Heart disease is going after women of all ages. The CDC say it is responsible for one out of every four women's deaths in this country.

Today on News 13 This Morning, Victoria Dunkle showed us the basic screenings that can help you get a handle on your heart health. Dr. Cyril Abrams with Park Ridge Health Cardiology says old, young, or in between; women need to know their bodies. That includes regular checks of your blood pressure and cholesterol. He also says that women need to talk to their doctors about their family health histories, lifestyles, and potential symptoms of heart issues. Those symptoms for women include fatigue, chest pain, dizziness, arm or neck pain, and shortness of breath.

Click here for more information about taking charge of your heart health.

By Victoria Dunkle
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Heart Health

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