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Root Ball

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 07:59 AM EDT
The source for a tree's growth and strength is the
inspiration for a special party. Asheville Greenworks is hosting its
first ever Root Ball. Just like the root ball of a tree
that provides the link to nutrients and strength, it says The Root Ball
will provide our area with a link the green efforts that keep the
community strong. 

   Today on News 13 This Morning, Asheville Greenworks new Director,
Sarah Oram told Victoria Dunkle the organization is the most active
environmental volunteer organization in the region.

   She also shared the invitation to the Root Ball which includes a
night of music, food, drinks, and fun. It starts at 6:30 at the
Boathouse off Riverside Drive.  You can get your tickets at the door.

   Click here to find out more about the Root Ball and other ways to be a part of Asheville Greenworks.

by Victoria Dunkle
Follow Victoria on Twitter: @VictoriaDunkle
Root Ball

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