Health Alert: Naturvore Power

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Great-grandmother Hana Landa says after meeting Dr. Charles Harpe and reading his book she changed her life.

"After 4 months, I found I lost close to 30 pounds," Landa said.

"Hana has seen the power of real food, balanced diet, food that comes from nature -- not manufactured," Harpe said.

In Naturvore Power, Harpe -- an internist at Park Ridge Health Laurel Park -- advocates choosing foods and activities more consciously.

That results in better health without surgery or conscious dieting.

"She won't go back to her old ways because she feels better and performs better at tennis," Harpe said. "There's no way she will go back to her old ways."

Landa is in the best shape she's been in years.