Hospice social workers can help families as much as patients

Hospice social workers often prove as beneficial to a patient's family members as to the patient.

That's definitely been the case for one mountain family.

Terri Rogers can't forget when her mother was discharged from a local hospital, and admitted to Carepartners' Hospice, Solace--with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

The social worker who met with the family proved to be invaluable.

"This was happening faster than we thought. We weren't prepared," Rogers said. "It was just like our world blew up."

"We're able to provide good experience, education, to families about what the loved one is going through, said Christopher Chardos, a Solace social worker.

Terri's mom is out of hospice and back home.

Social workers stress the importance of meaningful, quality living-- no matter how much time a patient has left.

They also help family members navigate decision-making on everything from healthcare to insurance to funeral arrangements.

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