Journey to be Free reaches cancer families

Journey to be Free reaches cancer families

A local organization wants to make sure people affected directly and indirectly by cancer in Western North Carolina are getting the support and services they need.

Cancer survivor Cathy Desfosses founded Journey to be Free. It's a not-for-profit organization that offers everything from counseling, to nutrition education, to healthcare navigation -- free of charge.

"The social and emotional impact that cancer has, not only on the person that is diagnosed but on the whole family, as well, is often overlooked or not recognized," Desfosses said.

"When I was finished with treatment, one of the things I was looking for is, 'How do I continue that success? How do I thrive in life going forward?'" cancer survivor Terry Fellin added.

Journey to be Free helps clients answer those questions and more through one-on-one peer support, individual counseling or support groups.

The long-term goal for the organization is to open a cancer support center.

Visit to learn more about Journey to be Free.

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