People swear by salt therapy

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) - "I was real skeptical; I'm really skeptical about anything like this."

Tim Oates reluctantly relaxed in the Asheville Salt Cave in search of respiratory relief.

"Three years ago, I came down with chronic bronchitis and I went through the whole chemical works: the sprays, steroids and it just didn't work," Oates said.

"Anytime I encounter a germ of any kind -- a virus, a cold, anything -- it automatically goes to my lungs," Teresa Robbins added.

Robbins also came here with chronic bronchitis hoping a 45-minute session might help.

Breathing natural salt, water and minerals... "gives you what you need and takes away what you don't," said Jodie Appel, owner of Asheville Salt Cave.

"I've been coming for three years, and I haven't had a problem since," insisted Oates.

"I made it almost a year without bronchitis in a 20-year history," Robbins said.

Many doctors have their doubts, but these clients insist the Salt Cave has provided natural cleaning and healing conventional treatments couldn't.

The owner says a 45-minute session is the equivalent of four days at the beach. Sessions cost $25 dollars for 45 minutes.

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