Pilates can help relieve pain

People participate in a Pilates session at Saran Pilates in Asheville, N.C. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Kathy Davis, 60, says she is hooked on Pilates. The non-impact exercise regimen has relieved her pain.

"(My) back hurt a little bit and would be sore," Davis said. "Now, I'm not."

So, what's going on during a 50-minute session?

"It's a system of pulleys and springs where you're stretching out at the same time you're strengthening," Gabrielle Saran, the owner of Saran Pilates, said.

"This is the first workout I've had that you leave and you feel stretched out, but toned. You just feel good," insisted Katie Goss, a client.

Moves can be sitting, standing and even lying down, focusing on balance.

"Everything comes down to the core." Saran said. "Your core supports everything you do. It supports your back."

"It's helped a lot overall with body mechanics, posture, alignment, breathing," Goss added.

"People come in after a couple of months of Pilates and say, 'Oh, my shoulders feel better,' or 'I don't experience back pain anymore,' and that's really nice to hear," Saran said.

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