Health Alert: Small eye device makes big difference

Health Alert: Small eye device makes big difference Photo credit: WLOS

COLUMBUS, N.C. -- Hugh Youngers' eyes are looking good, especially after an i-Stent procedure in the left one to eliminate a cataract and better treat his glaucoma.

"Glaucoma is a condition in which the eye pressure is too high for the optic nerve to tolerate," said Dr. Tom Perraut of Carolina Opthalmology. "It causes damage to the optic nerve which leads to constriction of the peripheral vision, and over time can lead to blindness."

During cataract removal surgery at St. Luke's Hospital, Perraut implanted the i-Stent. Almost invisible, it's the smallest device ever approved by the FDA.

"There's been no pain at all," said Youngers.

Perraut explained: "The i-Stent helps to lower the pressure at the time of cataract surgery, and can often allow people to discontinue or decrease the number of drops they need to take."

Those drops are expensive and sometimes have side effects.

"Not having to depend on the eye drops and knowing the pressure is good--big relief," said Youngers.

He leaves the office knowing his eyes are in better shape than they've been in years, because of the procedure covered by Medicare and most private insurance.

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