Team approach benefits diabetics

"I'm doing well; my sugar was 98 this morning."

RoseMary Wilson's blood sugar levels are great now but got out of control this past summer.

Registered dietitian Krystle Holt provided nutrition instruction, while Dr. Todd Davis embraced the team approach to treating diabetes at Harris Medical Park of Franklin.

"If we can get our dietitian, doing exercise, watching their diet, that's as important as any medication we can ever write," Davis said.

"This last August, he said I was a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen and that I needed to get some attention," Wilson recalled.

"We did timing of what time her breakfast lunch and dinner would be," Holt said.

Better eating, additional activity, weight loss and personal accountability followed.

RoseMary uses a kit like this to check her blood sugar, and there's no doubt the team approach has made a difference.

"I mean she's doing fantastic," said Davis. "She took matters into her own hands, 'I'm gonna take care of this,' and she did."

"We can see patients decrease their medications," added Holt. "We can see them put their diabetes to sleep per se so that they can decrease or completely come off some of those medications."

"I can now think," Wilson insisted. "My mental retention was very bad."

Now, her cognitive, emotional, and overall physical health are better than they've been in years, teaming for a better quality of life.

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