Amnesty Day helps area vets catch a break on small crimes

Amnesty Day helps area vets catch a break on small crimes (Photo credit: WLOS)

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. -- The Buncombe County District Attorney asked veterans in the area to come down to the courthouse for a chance at amnesty.

Friday was the second annual Veterans Amnesty Day organized by the DA's office. It's meant to give veterans a break on small crimes.

People who have served in the military could get certain fines remitted or reset some court dates.

It was also a chance to get minor traffic tickets resolved in one fell swoop.

The vets could only get a break on low-level misdemeanors, so it was mostly dealing with speeding or registration tickets.

"Basically, this gives us an opportunity to affect change on folks who have done a great service to our country, to our community," Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Ingle said. "It allows us to have an opportunity to restore drivers licenses [and] help people get back on track."

"It makes the veterans feel like there's somebody that cares about 'em, you know?" Army veteran Gerett Jones said. "We served our country, so sometimes we just need to feel like people care about us."

District Attorney Todd Williams says he's planning to hold another amnesty day sometime around Veteran's Day in November. Vets just have to bring proof of discharge to be eligible.

The DA's office also intermittently holds court reset dates that allow the wider public to catch a break on low-level tickets as well.

For more information about Veteran's Treatment Court and Veteran's Amnesty Day call Dr. Eric D. Howard, MSW, at (828) 259-6601 or District Attorney Todd Williams at (828) 259-3410.

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