Aggravated assaults with guns in Asheville climbing: APD

Asheville police are investigating a report of shots fired at Deaverview Apartments on Friday afternoon. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

UPDATE: Police said about 5 p.m. Friday that they had four suspects in custody related to shots fired at Deaverview Apartments earlier in the day. Officials said several calls came in shortly after 3 p.m. saying shots had been fired.

This was the second shooting reported at Deaverview in less than 24 hours, and the third Asheville-area shooting. A man was shot in the chest Thursday night while waiting for a ride near the entrance to Deaverview. Also on Friday, Asheville police said two cars were involved in an exchange of shots on Oakland Road near Depot street Friday. Sgt. Michael Lamb, said a white sedan took off, as well as a white Jeep Cherokee, which was abandoned and the suspect ran on foot. The suspect got away.

Asheville police provided New 13 with the data table below about violent crimes in Asheville and in Asheville's Housing Authority communities.

The table shows an increase in aggravated assaults involving a gun citywide in 2017. But the data shows a slight decrease in aggravated assaults involving guns at public housing communities, including Hillcrest, Livingston Heights, Pisgahview Apartments and Deaverview Apartments. However, the homicide rate in those communities stands at four so far 2017, compared to two for the same time period last year. APD is incorporating data driven policing to more deeply analyze crimes and do a wider analysis of individuals involved beyond a single suspect to see if those individuals are connected or suspected in other crimes. Lamb also said Chief Tammy Hooper has impressed upon officers working in public housing to spend equal amounts of time working cases as they do doing foot patrols and interacting with those living in the communities to continue to try and build better communication between police and residents.

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