WNC business joins solar eclipse excitement

Plasticard-Locktech International has created hotel keycards to commemorate the total solar eclipse (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Inside the Plasticard-Locktech International warehouse, the constant flow of movement has led to the company’s latest product -- a limited edition hotel keycard for the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse.

“About a month or so ago, one of our administrative assistants in the events department came up with an idea of creating a card for the eclipse for the hotels,” sales manager David Ide said.

From there, the marketing team went to work on the design, with the sales department going to work on the business side, selling some 30,000 cards to about 50 hotels that fall along the path of totality.

“We knew it would be an exciting thing for the country, but it's really grown beyond our expectations,” said Ide. “Any keycard that you get when you stay at a hotel, you take it with you and you remember the event. You remember the vacation. You remember why you were there.”

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