Candler pharmacy owner pulls gun, scares off would-be robber

The owner of Carolina Mountain Pharmacy said he scared a would-be robber off with a gun on Thursday.

Jared Mattson pulled a .40-caliber pistol on the suspect, who was caught on security cameras before he ran away without any of the drugs he demanded.

Mattson said the masked suspect walked into the pharmacy about 6 p.m.

“[The suspect] asked us to keep our hands where you can see them and to not handle our phones,” Mattson said. “And then he sort of went off on a list of what he wanted me to give him."

Mattson said he thought the suspect was joking.

"He wasn't super aggressive," Mattson said. "It wasn't sort of standard TV show guy, where he's like 'I want all your drugs.’”

Mattson took him more seriously after the suspect demanded the narcotics a second time.

"He sort of followed me as I walked across my counter,” Mattson said. "He didn't threaten me with [a gun] or anything like that."

Mattson grabbed his gun and racked it, which scared the suspect, he said.

“I had a gun pointed at him and he ran," Mattson said.

Mattson said he was mad at the would-be robber, but glad the suspect chose to run.

"It certainly could've turned out worse,” Mattson said. “You could be interviewing my wife about her dead husband just as easy."

Investigators with Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office described the suspect as a white male in his thirties or forties and about six feet tall.

The suspect was wearing a ski mask, sunglasses, jeans and a black hooded jacket, and his fingers had tape on them.

Investigators ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 828-255-5050.

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