Asheville nonprofit to send supply trucks to Florida, Texas

Local relief group Hearts With Hands on Wednesday loaded trucks for Florida and Texas. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Local relief group Hearts With Hands on Wednesday loaded trucks for Florida and Texas.

Greg Lentz, the group's president, said the truck headed for central Florida is loaded with bottled water. He said most of Florida's bottled water has been bought ahead of evacuations. The water will go to residents preparing for Hurricane Irma and the first reponders sent to help them.

"They've got all their National Guard units, they've got all their police units, all of those things, so we want to supply them with water to make sure they've got enough while they're trying to logistically get people out of harms way," Lentz said.

The truck headed to Texas is being loaded with buckets full of cleaning supplies, Lentz said. He said Hearts With Hands sent its ninth relief truck to the Lone Star State on Tuesday.

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