Asheville's South Slope Now Booming with Art and Beer

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- The South Slope grew a little bit more Friday with the announcement of a place for local artists to work.

The Asheville Area Arts Council plans to move into the old ABCCM building along Coxe Avenue after signing a three-year lease.

This addition for locals is another testament that area is booming.

The South Slope was very industrial just a few years ago, so now it's almost unrecognizable.

"There was nothing to attract people to the area and now there's a whole lot going on over here," Natalie Chapin, who lives in Asheville, said.

Breweries on every corner have turned it into a place locals had to nickname.

"So we call this 'Beer Slope' versus South Slope because it's quickly becoming heavy with beer," said Chris Chapin, who also lives in Asheville, said.

While Asheville is known for its craft beer, you can't forget its arts. Where there are artists there has to be space for them to work.

"Ceramics, artists, fiber artists, print makers, dark room, and Asheville makers," Jen Gordon, exhibitions manager for the arts council, said.

The Asheville Area Arts Council found the opportunity to create that on Coxe Avenue with a 15,000 square foot building set to be full of studios and opportunities for local artists.

"Having no business to developing their business to being able to grow their business and that's kind of our mission," Gordon said. "We have a long way to go for sure, but I think we're making good steps."

What the arts council has its heart set on is making the South Slope the next River Arts District or Lexington Avenue for local artists.