Ask 13: New construction site along Brevard Road?

There's been a lot of new construction on Brevard Road in recent months, and Ask 13 gets a lot of questions about any new activity.

"Do you know what will be constructed on the corner of Morris and Brevard Road in Asheville?" Cynthia Madden asked. "The ground has been regraded and leveled, along with some sort of pipe work that was done."

The area has been freshly graded, but News 13 didn't notice any pipe work other than some new drainage pipes installed for a catch basin.

News 13 did find a construction permit box which included a soil erosion permit. County officials say that's the only permit for this property, and no building permits have been issued.

The property owner also said there are no construction plans for the property at the moment.

The erosion permit was needed to be able to bring in some fill dirt, and that's the only work going on here.

Again, from everything News 13 could find, nothing is planned for that site. Not yet, at least.

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