Ask 13: What's behind the closure of American Pharmacy Co.?

A Fletcher pharmacy with two locations has shut down its operations and a viewer wants to know why.

American Pharmacy Co., at 221 Old Hendersonville Road, is not a typical retail outlet. It's a former industrial site that also sells medical equipment.

"I was wondering if there have been any reports on why the pharmacy board shut down American Pharmacy Co. in Fletcher?" Sandra Allison wrote to Ask 13.

An employee at the site said the pharmacy has voluntarily surrendered its license but the medical equipment business was still open and operating.

A copy of the surrender order issued in mid-January by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy said, "The American Pharmacy Co. may not dispense or compound prescription drugs or dispense devices and/or medical equipment."

An investigation revealed the NCBOP also took disciplinary action against Ncrx pharmacy on Hendersonville Road in Arden. American Pharmacy Co. and Ncrx are licensed under the same pharmacist, who voluntarily surrendered the store permit at both locations.

A worker at that location said the business is still open but only as a health and wellness store.

A spokesman for the NCBOP would only say it was investigating the pharmacies and that was all he was permitted to say.

The voluntary surrender order also said the pharmacies can petition for reinstatement, pending a hearing before the board.

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