Ask 13: Why were so many stop signs installed on Onteora Blvd?

Driving through a section of the Oakley Community in Asheville will now require a lot more stopping, and that has one resident questions.

The signs have gone up on Onteora Boulevard, which begins at Fairview Road and runs south from the Oakley Community.

Jack Maxwell contacted Ask 13 after he said four new stop signs went up in about a one-mile stretch.

He said it has been a stop road all his life. He's unhappy that now he has to stop repeatedly in a short distance when there have been no problems there in the past, as far he knows.

News 13 contacted the City of Asheville which said they were installed to improve safety, especially for pedestrians.

"Members of the city's transportation department worked with Oakley residents and Asheville police to determine the intersections that could benefit from all-way stops," Asheville's traffic engineer Jeff Moore said.

City officials added that feedback from residents on those streets has been positive, so far.

It should be pointed out that the question came from a resident who lives on Broadview Avenue, which is one of the streets with the new stop signs.

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