Assault suspects who caused brain damage failed to appear in court

Jeffrey Allen Cornett Sr. and Peacolion Cornett are wanted for assault causing serious bodily injury. (Photo credit: WLOS)

UPDATE (2:08 p.m.): On Thursday, News 13 reported Jeffrey Cornett and Peacolin Cornett failed to appear in court this week for their initial hearing. However, the dates of those initial hearings that they missed were in June and August of last year.

This week, the two did appear in court for their first appearance.

The two are accused of beating a woman in December of 2015.

The victim spoke with News 13 yesterday and said she was told by detectives she was also raped by up to five men during the incident.

On Friday, Asheville police told News 13 there is no rape investigation connected to the case.


Police are looking for two suspects, Jeffrey and Peacolion Cornett, who are charged with severely assaulting a woman in December 2015.

On Christmas Eve 2015, Karen Porras was spending the evening with friends at Hillcrest Apartments in Asheville, having a few drinks. But, she can't remember anything else.

"I believe somebody had put something in my drink that night because I don't remember nothing after I took a second drink," Porras said.

She was found on the side of the road Christmas Day by a woman walking her dog and didn't wake up for two months, spending that time in a coma after suffering brain damage, along with injuries to her head, neck and body.

Her injuries were so severe that she still can't walk well and she only knows what detectives tell her about that night.

"So I don't know how this all came about. I don't know if they had planned it. I don't know, you know, because they said I was raped, you now, by five men, five different men," Porras said.

So far, warrants have only been issued for one man and one woman on assault charges. No rape charges have been filed. On Friday, Asheville police told News 13 there is no rape investigation connected to the case.

Jeffrey and Peacolion Cornett were arrested in Waynesville but transferred to Asheville on April 18. They failed to appear for initial hearing in June and August of 2016.

Bail amounts for the assault charges seem low to Porras - only $5,000 for Jeffrey and $3,000 for Peacolion, according to the Buncombe County Clerk.

"I don't think it was fair enough for me to have their bond so low," Porras said. "What if they had done it to other women, you know? I just I pray they find them."

Now, Porras hopes they find the suspects responsible for causing such physical and emotional damage.

"I don't trust nobody, I don't, try not to socialize with nobody no more," Porras said. "I just hope and pray somebody calls to let them know where they're at."

Anyone with information about the suspects' whereabouts is asked to call Asheville Police at 828-252-1110.

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