Warrant out for man who hit 69 year-old woman outside Asheville Trump rally

Trump addresses the crowd at the U.S. Cellular Center. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Police have a warrant out for Richard L. Campbell of South Carolina for punching a 69-year-old woman outside the Asheville Trump rally Monday.

Asheville Police say there is also a warrant out for Thomas Vellanti, Jr, who hit three people inside the rally venue.

Asheville police charged Vellanti with disorderly conduct.

Vellanti, of Flat Rock, turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.

Asheville police release the following statement Tuesday:

We are aware of the additional assault that took place inside of the venue during the rally that is depicted in a video being circulated on social media and on several media outlets. During the incident the victim and witnesses were escorted out of the rally by the Secret Service and Trump’s private security. This morning the Asheville Police Department followed up on the incident and obtained warrants for the suspect, Thomas Vellanti Jr.
We also responded to a report of an assault that took place outside the rally involving an older female victim. Officers responded to that incident, along with EMS, and took statements from the victim and witnesses. Warrants for the suspect, Richard L. Campbell were obtained last night. Following the report, officers gave the victim a ride to her home.

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