Cleanup in Hendersonville after flash flooding affects homes, businesses

Cleanup continues near downtown Hendersonville after flooding Saturday. (Viewer photo)

Cleanup continued near downtown Hendersonville following torrential downpours across the mountains on Saturday.

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Hendersonville was one of the hardest-hit areas with the flood waters causing damage to homes, businesses, parked vehicles, and leaving behind a mess of debris and silt.

An employee at a bike shop, owned by Hunter Power Sports, saw the water get waist-high before receding back into a nearby stream.

"The flooding actually started coming down through this creek,” Randy McFalls, operations manager at Dal-Kawa Power Sports, said pointing to the stream. “This water gets up, comes through the parking lot, and makes a big 'v' around the building.”

According to McFalls, less than half an inch got inside the store.

"The good thing is we didn't lose anything,” McFalls said “There was [no damage] to the units; just a little bit of water on the tires. So, it was mostly just mud and silt."

Workers at the bike shop power washed the mud and silt off the parking lot.

Meanwhile, neighbors had a parking mess of their own from the flash flooding.

"Within thirty minutes [the water] had risen,” Jeff Collis said. “It was probably like a three-foot surge."

According to Collis, the surge came through the Hendersonville Little Theatre parking lot.

"There was, I'm thinking, probably a dozen cars over in the theatre parking lot that were flooded out," Collis said.

Water rushed into Collis’ yard—bringing gravel and debris.

"Right now, the basement's flooded,” Collis said. “We're pumping water out of it to try and see what the damage is to the furnace and that type of thing."

More than 24-hours after the flooding and stagnant water remained on Collis’ backyard, along with a waterline on two birdhouse posts.

"It was probably within a half an inch of coming into the house,” Collis said. “So, we're very lucky."

According to emergency officials in Hendersonville and Henderson County, no deaths or injuries were reported in connection with the flooding.

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