Why people aren't looking twice at pregnant women working out

Katie De Los Santos worked out up until two days before her pregnancy (WLOS)

New gyms opening up across Asheville are becoming a more common sight, and seeing pregnant women inside those gyms is also becoming a more common sight.

At Summit Crossfit, Katie De Los Santos offers a gentle touch to others working out.

"Overhead like an Angel," she advised one person.

Her advice sounds almost motherly, which makes sense since her five-year-old girl sat quietly as she and her husband worked out.

She lifts as much as she can stomach, which means it's more than most.

"She lifts heavier than I do," said one male at the gym.

"Katie inspires everyone in this gym," said Nadia Zebouni, Summit's Head Coach.

We all look for inspiration. At this gym, Katie provides it.

"July 11th is my due date. I will be 40 weeks pregnant at that point," De Los Santos said back in June.

"She just kept showing up," Zebouni said.

De Los Santos believes working out through her pregnancy will help her recover faster. News 13 met her a few weeks before her due date. People don't pay any attention to Katie carrying weights, because they're used to seeing pregnant women work out.

"A couple women at our gym just had babies not too long ago and worked out deep into their pregnancy," Zebouni said.

An OBGYN from MAHEC says, about a decade ago, fitness recommendations changed for pregnant women.

"The advice that we give women regarding exercise and pregnancy is more individualized. If a patient is in shape and exercising before pregnancy, we really want her continuing that," Dr. Suzanne Dixon said.

You can find all of Dixon's recommendations here:

Katie knows what she's doing. She's been doing CrossFit multiple times a week for five years, and coaches it, as well. She has scaled back her weight and modified some of the exercises.

Pregnancy provided an opportunity.

"If anything it's a bonus weight," joked De Los Santos.

She planned to work out up until the week of her delivery. She worked out July 3, and gave birth to a baby girl Wednesday, July 5!

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