Garden, Landscaping Business Booming in Good Weather

ARDEN, N.C. -- Landscapers try their best to work rain or shine. Since heavy rain left our area, business has been great for local landscapers and greenhouses, like B.B. Barns.

B.B. Barns in Arden has a garden center and also offers landscaping.

The past week has been up and down for them, but now they're confident people are finally excited about fall.

"Right now, people are coming out of the woodwork because this is such a fantastic week and next week the weather looks great," Ned Gibson, the owner of B.B. Barns, said.

With two sunny days in a row following a drought and then lots of rain, B.B. Barns is racing to keep up with all the customers they're getting.

"People are so excited about doing things outside now," Gibson said. "We've been extremely busy!"

Over the weekend, not as many people got out to buy mums and pumpkins, so business was slow.

Friday and Saturday were the days landscapers had trouble working due to all the rain we got on those two days. It slowed down business, putting more on them this week.

"They couldn't do a whole lot on Friday, but the ground was pretty soggy," Gibson said. "But they're back at full swing now with this sunshine."