Group says late-night workers in Asheville need public transit

An economic development agency is using Transit Week to bring attention to a problem it said service industry workers are facing.

Just Economics said chefs, bartenders and others who work after hours downtown have trouble getting to and from work without public transportation operating.

Organizers said they'd like to see Sunday service fully restored, more evening service and some stops reinstated.

A worker at Blue Dream Curry House said that without a car she has to pay a lot of money for ride services to get home.

"A bus that costs a dollar is much more cost effective and just because me and a great deal of my friends who are in the service industry and have essentially no transportation that late at night. It's also a lot safer for us to take a bus than walking far distances that late," Molly Naffke said.

Workers hope sessions with city leaders will lead to improved public transportation.

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