Local pastor and daughter featured in viral video

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A video of four people playing one piano without missing a beat has gone viral.

Local pastor Doug Raynes, of Progress Baptist Church, and his daughter Natalie Raynes were two of the pianists in the video. The video was filmed in Georgia and shows an unrehearsed performance of the Doug and Emily and friends Tracy Jones and Jonathan Montgomery playing eight hymns on one piano without music sheets.

"When we got there ( South Georgia), we had two other amazing pianists. So, I said, 'Why don't you all play together and I will video it. It will be so cool to have four people together,'" Emily Raynes said.

"She said to one of the girls, 'They really ought to do several in a melody, blend them together and do some key changes. Everyone will enjoy that,'" said Doug.

The biggest challenge of the performance -- keeping the songs fluid in one take.

"All three are very talented. Once we figured out it could work, then we just enjoyed it. The challenge to us was to try and keep it smooth while moving around the piano and being ready for your next verse," Natalie said.

Since the video was posted on Facebook by Emily, it's been viewed more than 10 million times.

"We are still dumb struck! When it started climbing and it hit a million, we were like what on earth? Who is this watching?"

It has 211,000 shares and more than 60,000 likes. The video also has thousands of comments, the majority of which are positive.

"There has been a mix of responses, some older folks saying I grew up singing these, I miss them, and some young folks saying, you know I didn't know you could have that much fun," said Doug.

The family is not sure why the video has struck a cord with viewers, but they are thankful it's bringing happiness to others.

"A friend texted me last night and said your video opened the door for me to share the gospel with coworkers because they are telling me those are the songs I use to hear when my grandmother took me to church. So he shared the gospel with them, and we never saw that coming. It's been amazing," said Doug.

"If we are able to bring a little joy to people for just a few minutes and let them see, wow living for Jesus is really as joyful as it seems, it's a wonderful life, then that's was it's all about," said Natalie.

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