Man dies on greenway near Hendersonville's Jackson Park

A man died on the Oklawaha Greenway near downtown Hendersonville on Thursday, according to Hendersonville Police.

A lieutenant for Hendersonville Police said the 59-year-old man lived in Hendersonville, but his identity was not being released as of Thursday evening.

An unidentified person found the man and called 911, according to Lt. Chris LeRoy.

"I think he eventually went into a type of cardiac arrest,” LeRoy said. "The initial call was that they found somebody that they thought was intoxicated. When the officers got there, they realized he wasn't intoxicated, he was actually going through some kind of medical emergency."

Blue light phones were installed along the greenway using grant money from the state Department of Transportation, although they were not ready for use as of Thursday.

"If anything happened, it would be easier for me to remember to hit an emergency thing than dig out my cellphone and call 911,” Mary Lee said.

A local spokesperson for Verizon Wireless said the blue light phones would be activated “very soon.”

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