Neighborhood Eats: Davis Donut House's orange twists

Harley Bradley, an employee at Davis Donut House, in summer 2017. "The orange twists. I've been eating the orange doughnut holes ever since I was little," Bradley said from behind the counter. "'They are amazing." (Photo credit: Kelly Doty)

In every mountain community, locals have their favorite places to get dinner, coffee, breakfast and dessert. News 13's newest segment, Neighborhood Eats, aims to highlight your favorite restaurants and dishes across the mountains.

To kick off our newest series, we headed to Forest City in search of a sweet treat, and we found that and more at Davis Donut House.

Davis has been a staple for locals since its doors first opened in 1972. Since then, the business has changed hands and locations a number of times, but the "small town friendly" service and approach to doughnut-making has stayed the same.

"I think the secret is we're still handmade," Johnny White, the co-owner of Davis Donut House, said. "Everything is handmade back here, and there's no cutting corners."

Customers said everything at this doughnut shop is delicious, but there is one menu item that has become their claim to fame -- the orange twist.

"The orange twists. I've been eating the orange doughnut holes ever since I was little," employee Harley Bradley said from behind the counter. "'They are amazing."

While we were at the shop, customer after customer came in and, more often than not, walked out with an orange twist or three.

"Only reason I don't buy more orange twists is that my wife is with me, and she'll get all over me," one customer said.

The orange twist makes up more than half of Davis Donuts' sales. Co-owner White said, as far as he knows, you can only get them here in Forest City.

White insisted there's no big mystery to the success of the orange twist.

"It's just fresh ingredients with an orange peel," he explained.

"They're just a little bit orangey, but not tart like orange," customer Brenda Parry described. "Sweet, sort of like those orange slices you used to buy in the candy."

As far as price, you can get your orange twist fix for $1.50 each. For those times when one just isn't enough -- $8.20 for half a dozen or $16 for a dozen.

Davis Donut House is located at 652 West Main Street in Forest City and are open Monday-Saturday.

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