Overturned tractor-trailer on Future I-26 causes morning congestion, delays

An overturned tractor-trailer on Future I-26 westbound seems to be the cause of morning congestion downtown and even in West Asheville. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

An overturned tractor-trailer on Future I-26 westbound caused morning congestion downtown and even in West Asheville Tuesday morning, closing the right lane and backing up traffic for miles in several directions.

The road was closed for nearly three hours as 11 a.m. approached, with backed-up traffic reported on Amboy, Patton, and Brevard Road.

Asheville police confirm that the truck driver over-corrected and the trailer overturned at around 7:30 a.m. at the Hill Street exit.

The driver was hauling 45,000 pounds of dog food, some of which was strewn alongside the roadway. The truck driver told News 13 off-camera that he was passing through Asheville and someone cut him off, causing him to swerve from the left lane into the right.

The trailer, knocking down a light pole.

No one was hurt in the wreck, but Asheville police say the cleanup process took the efforts of several resources.

"The Asheville Police Department can't right a truck, or clean up a spill, we have to bring others in to assist us, and that does take some time," said Christina Hallingse of the Asheville Police Department. "It's a very large tractor-trailer as you can see, so we have to find someone that can move that out of the way and pick it back up, and that does take some time."

Asheville police don't anticipate charging the driver, who is from California, but they say the state highway patrol's motor carrier unit is also investigating.

The lane reopened around 11 a.m.

Traffic is flowing, but cleanup carries on.

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