Man nearly killed by car in front yard 2 months ago speaks out

"I ain't gonna lie. I thought I was gone when I saw that car coming. I just looked back and that was the last thing I saw," Jamie Hart said. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

It's a family affair at the Polk County home where Jamie Hart's mom lives, surrounded by his son, niece and nephew running around the yard from toy to toy.

It's a sight Hart may not have seen had the events of April 11 gone differently.

"I ain't gonna lie. I thought I was gone when I saw that car coming. I just looked back and that was the last thing I saw," said Hart.

He was standing in his yard talking to his neighbor, Marlene Daniel, when troopers say a distracted 21-year-old Destany Mitchell left Poors Ford Road and crashed into Daniel, killing her, then crashed into Hart before flipping her vehicle and landing sideways against the house.

Troopers charged Mitchell with misdemeanor death by vehicle and wreckless driving.

Her next court date is scheduled for Aug. 8.

Seconds before the crash, Hart's son JJ was also in the yard.

"When I woke up, that's all I was yelling for. 'Where's my family?' I thought my little man was underneath that car," said Hart.

Unbeknownst to him, his wife Christina had already taken 4-year-old JJ inside, unharmed.

"I couldn't tell you what would happen if little man was there with me standing beside me. I'd probably lose it. I couldn't ask for a better wife than what she was when she was with me that day," said Hart.

Two months after the crash, he's doing well, all things considered.

He suffered a cracked femur and torn ligaments in his knee.

He walks with a limp, but, other than that, there are no other outward signs of what he went through.

"Feels a lot better. Still trying to get better and, hopefully, get back to work soon," he said. "First month was hard. No sleep. Every time I close my eyes, you know just picturing that car coming at me. It was hard, but it's starting to get a lot better now. There's times that I wake up, but not as much as it was."

He said one of the hardest things about that day was how it has affected the family of his neighbor, saying if he had had more time he could have pushed her out of the way and possibly prevented her death.

He said, instead, she might have been the one who saved his life.

After the wreck, he and his wife packed things up and moved, opting for a location a little farther away from a road.

While Hart is well on his way to recovery, he said it hasn't always been easy, but he and his wife are grateful he's still alive.

"I'm just happy I'm still here and being able to be with my family," he said.

"Definitely, there's angels out there. There definitely is. Anybody has any doubts, they need to look up this story," said Christina Hart.

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