Property tax notices sent out in Buncombe County

P BUNCOMBE TAX BILLS.transfer_frame_4348.jpg

Tax notices were sent Tuesday to Buncombe County property owners after the latest round of appraisals.

Buncombe County saw a decrease in the rate after an increase in values.

"This was a reappraisal year,” Keith Miller, interim tax director for Buncombe County, said. “So, the values did change, and their tax bill will be different than it was last year."

According to Miller, most municipalities and fire districts adjusted their rates and, whether up or down, most property owners should see a change.

The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners adjusted the rate from about 60 cents down to around 53 cents.

"So, that’s quite a bit of a difference,” Miller said. "But, unless you saw a big difference in your value change, then you probably won't see a big difference in your taxes."

Using the notification of your new appraisal value, there is a way to find out whether or not you will be paying more or less before getting your notice.

"If their value went up greater than what the rate was reduced, then you're going realize an increase in your taxes,” Miller said. “But, if the rate came down larger than what your value went up, then you could see a decrease."

Taxes are due Sept. 1, but property owners have until Jan. 5 to pay without any interest due.

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