Riverbend Malt House announces expansion plans

Riverbend Malt House Announces Expansion Plans. The move to 74,000 square foot facility will increase capacity by 5x. (Photo credit: Riverbend Malt House)

Riverbend Malt House in Asheville just announced expansion plans to increase production.

The plans include a move to a 74,000 square foot facility in Asheville and the purchase of equipment which will lead to a 500% increase in production capacity by January 2018.

“High quality craft malt has become a recognized product differentiator in craft beers and whiskeys,” said Scott Hickman, Riverbend’s CEO. “Currently most malt used in craft brewing comes from grain which has been grown and malted thousands of miles away – perhaps even in a different country or on a different continent – and many of our customers prefer more local sources for their critical ingredients.”

“With our expansion we’ll not only be producing more malt, but greatly broadening our product line to include new varietals, 2-row barleys, and specialty malts which will enable our customers to brew with a broader range of styles,” commented Brent Manning, Riverbend Founder/Head Maltster.

Riverbend’s new facility will be located at 12C Gerber Road in Asheville, NC.

“With our expansion we’ll be buying more grain from regional farmers and creating new manufacturing jobs in Asheville at above living wage levels, with healthcare benefits,” noted Hickman. “Our motto is ‘Malt with a Mission” and a key part of that mission is tohelp local farmers and workers participate in the amazing growth of craft beer and distilling.”

Riverbend Malt House was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Asheville, NC, is one of the original craft malting facilities in the US.

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